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Carbonfuture gives businesses easy access to a powerful ecosystem of partners that realize our clean mission: Taking CO₂ out of the atmosphere and putting carbon back into the soil. Let that sink in for a moment.


To reach the Paris goal of limiting global warming to 1.5°C, hundreds of gigatons of CO₂ must be removed from the atmosphere in the coming decades - in addition to massive emission reductions. In the course of the 21st century we must remove and safely store roughly as much CO₂ from the atmosphere as we emit, says the IPCC.


Reverse the flow of greenhouse gases: Down and not up. Reverse the flow of money: Reward carbon sinks and not polluters. This is the basis of the carbon sink economy.

What is a Carbon Sink?

In the natural carbon cycle carbon is exchanged between the atmosphere, biosphere, the ocean and land mass. Carbon (in form of CO₂ or methane) in the atmosphere heats the planet, sequestered carbon in the soil or in the sea doesn't.

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Nature-based Carbon Sinks?

Currently, there are three types of nature-based mature, scalable, scientifically backed-up carbon sink technologies: Afforestation, Soil Organic Carbon and Biochar.

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Carbonfuture Carbon Sink Credit

Carbonfuture Carbon Sink Credits are financing portfolios of sinks. Each physical sink (e.g. a big bag of biochar applied to the soil on a specific farm) is documented and securitised in an individual "cf-certificate”.

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Join the Carbon Sink Economy

Carbonfuture, real climate impact, full transparency.

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Why we are different

We created Carbonfuture to address these issues and to provide the best-in-class compensation standard.

True carbon sinks

We only support true
carbon sinks

Independent sink certification

We rely on independent sink certification with scientifically substantiated and conservative quantification

Full life-cycle

We fully consider the life-cycle of sinks, including production emissions and explicit accounting of the sink duration

Built on Blockchain

We document the sinks end-to-end on a blockchain based distributed ledger platform

Platform economy approach

We follow a platform economy approach and make the framework interoperable and available to a wide range of participants

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