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We track carbon from the air to the ground.
We translate from carbon removal into credit.
We trade carbon removal credits to companies.

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This Is Our Pathway

Zero Uncertainty

End-to-End Tracking

Know where the carbon is. Digitally auditable MRV for irreversible removal

Independent Standards

Mature governance with third-party methodology, auditing and certification


Transparent, comprehensive and holistic MRV and crediting

Economics Matter

Invest today to enable a supply scale-up path

New Carbonfuture Platform API

Easy Tech Integration for a Seamless Customer Experience

Carbonfuture is building the tech infrastructure needed to make carbon removal simple, trustworthy, and scalable. With a flexible and easy to integrate API, our marketplace services can be merged into any product experience, making the process of buying and retiring credits truly frictionless.

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This Is Our Future

Real Net Zero

Carbonfuture's approach guarantees unparalleled precision
 in tracking, documentation and measurement. We offer access to high-quality carbon removal credits and participation in the world's most cutting-edge carbon community, enabling you to reach your climate goals in a transparent, reliable and verifiable way.

For Companies

Take Effective
Climate Action Today

Carbonfuture offers CDR credits that ensure immediate and permanent carbon removal with the only platform to require third-party methodologies, certification, auditing and digital tracking.

Transparent crediting and comprehensive MRV
One-stop for diverse carbon removal portfolios
Third-party methodology, certification, and auditing
End-to-end carbon removal tracking
Climate impact marketing opportunities
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Carbon Removal Platform

Carbonfuture's digital platform provides a Tracking System and a Trading System for companies looking to work with best-in-class carbon removal partners, bringing the most innovative technical and financial solutions to the market. We offer lasting partnerships to navigate and limit risk in a dynamic CDR market.

For Producers

Join Us to Lead Our Industry Today

We foster an ecosystem of long-term, flexible and growth-oriented partnerships, ready to lead our industry in reaching gigatonnes of real carbon removal.

Access to credit revenues
Project financing through purchase agreements
Inventory management and tracking
Full consulting and onboarding support
Carbon removal marketing opportunities

Our Trading System enables you to unlock financial revenues for your climate services.

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Catalyst Program

Let's Kickstart a Gigatonne Market Together

Carbon removals need to grow. Fast. We are bridging the gap between proof of concept CDR prototypes and industrial scale roll-out, towards standardization and bankability.

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This Is Our Product Suite

Meaningful Carbon Removal: Across Technologies

Our product suite integrates digital carbon tracking, third-party credit standards, and financing tools, ensuring the highest quality of credits for buyers and sellers, as well as reducing friction for rapid industry growth.

Air Capture
Many more

A transparent and auditable system for MRV (monitoring, reporting, and verification) hosts high-quality carbon removal credits - carbon removal you can trust - with the built-in ability to scale across a wide range of carbon removal technologies.

This Is Climate Action

Carbon Removal Projects

The Carbonfuture team works directly with its partners to build diversified carbon removal portfolios - already at scale today or ready to scale tomorrow. We match projects that meet a new tier of quality: durable, transparent, scientifically robust.

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This Is Our Ecosystem

A Strong Network in a Joint Mission

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