Join now to get your hands dirty on a clean mission: Taking CO₂ out of the atmosphere and putting carbon back into the soil. It’s that simple.

Take my CO₂ out of the atmosphere

Each Carbonfuture carbon sink credit over-compensates the emission of 1 ton CO₂ equivalent. Today, there are not enough valid certified sinks, so the supply is limited. In order to become climate positive, start financing carbon sinks here.

Balance my CO₂

Provide Carbon Sink Services

As a first step, we finance sinks based on biochar that is EBC-certified. We will expand to other nature-based sink types. If you want to know more about our standards and requirements or if you want to get compensated for your climate service as a sink provider, please visit our resources page and contact us.

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Provide Market Services

We are open to offer our platform services to carbon sink market service providers. We offer tools to create, process and maintain sink financing instruments, manage portfolios of carbon sink certificates and trade or sell carbon sink certificates. To learn more, please contact us.

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